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A Pinzgauer is named after an Austrian heavy horse, used by the Romans as a sure footed and load bearing beast for salt trading across the Alps to Rome.

The vehicle can also be used to carry salt if you wish, however our customers find the Pinzgauer is versatile and adaptable for many more uses. As a forward control vehicle, the driving position is directly above the wheels, providing excellent vision of the terrain immediately in front, and gives excellent manoeuvrability.

Pinzgauers across the world are used for remote Fire Fighting, Mountain rescue, Utility installation and maintenance, Game Reserve access, Oil exploration, geological surveying, Shooting estates as people carriers, Overland trip vehicles, off road "camper vans", as well as towing the caravan for a weekend away, including a spot of green lane off road driving.

As these vehicles have a long and effective working life, armys across the world use them for comms vehicles, ambulances, gun tractors, carrying troops, and many other applications. The Pinzgauer from Shropshire Gunbus comes with a range of body styles, such as soft tops made of canvas or PVC on a steel frame, Ambulance boxes which have increased headroom, and custom made hard tops which can be constructed to suit most needs.

All body styles are fully demountable. Customers can choose their own vehicle colour from a selection of paints, and with the custom made hard tops, can choose access options, acoustic insulated lining, and floor covering.

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Customisation Services

We are able to offer our customers coachbuilt upgrades to agreed individual designs for utility vehicles, campers. expedition vehicles etc. We have shipped such vehicles to 14 countries (including the red 4X4 shown - to Japan).

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