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The unique feature of a Pinzgauer is the independent axle articulation and diff locks. They all have portal (swing) axles as standard, these give a minimum of 700mm ground clearance, and enable each wheel to move in a vertical direction independent of it's corresponding wheel. This creates a much smoother ride when driving uneven surfaces, allowing each wheel to follow the terrain and providing maximum traction, eliminating the situation of "cross axle" which is common in other 4 x 4 vehicles.

The 6 x 6 models obviously have 3 axles, again with independent action on all 6 wheels. The differentials are lockable via hydraulic or pneumatic systems, and activated by either a simple lever (petrol) or switch (diesel) on the central console.

On a 4 x 4 model the driver has the option to lock just the rear diff, both the rear and front, or in extreme conditions, lock the diffs together so all 4 wheels are driven simultaneously, unlike other 4 x 4 vehicles where a "diff locker" has to be retrofitted.

On the 6 x 6 models the driver can engage the rear two axles together, or the front and both rear axles, again with the option to lock the diffs so all 6 wheels are driven simultaneously.

The punch line to this outstanding drive system is all differential locks can be engaged on the move, without having to stop as you would with a conventional "off road" vehicle.

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We are able to offer our customers coachbuilt upgrades to agreed individual designs for utility vehicles, campers. expedition vehicles etc. We have shipped such vehicles to 14 countries (including the red 4X4 shown - to Japan).

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